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Keep our region green


Keep our region green

Afrisol Energy Ltd, a social enterprise, started in the year 2010 in Kenya and has continued to grow together with her business partners towards a sustainable future. Afrisol contribute to a sustainable future by re-designing the overall energy chain. We do this by sharing, daring and taking action from our office in Strathmore Business School, Nairobi. Energy is involved in all company processes and are thus directly influencing the profitability of our clients.

We designs and manufactures biogas digesters. Afrisol is a fast growing company in sustainable design, engineering and management consultancy active in the growth markets of waste management, water, energy and sustainable planning and design.

Local solutions to world challenges

Our mission is to provide renewable energy solutions for a greener healthy and wealthy Africa through utilization of locally available materials and resources. We design and implement bio-digester technology throughout Kenya to provide renewable energy services. We have installed over 120 biogas installations in Kenya, converting biomass and manure into cooking gas and electricity to underservedcommunities, including at high schools, dairy farms and homes for the elderly. We have completed 15 installations at the commercial level of up to 124 cubic meters. 

Your succes is our succes

The project management team ensures that the biogas facility is installed according to plan. The time span of the project depends on the number of digesters and volume to be installed. Our team is on site to do everything required to install the digesters, from building the tanks to equipping the digesters to installing the generator. We can do all of the work, or we can leave certain elements to the customer. Our tried and tested techniques and experience enables us to bring the best management to your project. Whatever you need to make the project work for you.