Stichting Afrisol 
Keep our region green



Our innovation center, funded by Stichting Afrisol is aimed to support local farmers in the uses and production of biogas and slurry to fertilize their agricultural land. The center gives aspiring biogas users the opportunity to cook cleaner, save on costs, produce fertilizers and safe the planet. Our center accelerates the number and impact of inclusive innovations in biogas production. 

The main objective of the centre would be to demonstrate that bio gas production technology is indeed a viable venture with short return on investment period. 

We like to thank your support. 

Why Biogas?

1.      Biogas makes our energy production safer. It has no negative implications on the environment and is one of the cleanest fuels available.

2.      It is good for the climate and saves CO2.

3.      Organic residues can be sensibly utilised and do not need to be simply disposed of.

4.      Biogas manure can replace mineral fertiliser.

5.      Biogas plants can be utilised by both urban and rural population, industry as well as households.