Stichting Afrisol Foundation

Keep our region green


Three of our current CSR projects

Afrisol Energy Ltd builds biogas installations for Orphans and Elderly homes and schools. We work together with Dutch donators and funds. Our projects contribute to an integrated regional development in the areas of health, welfare and education by saving on energy costs. Your donations are always welcome. You can donate money for one or more projects currently going on in the Nairobi area. If you are living in the Netherlands, you can make a tax deductible donation. We call upon other well-wishers across the world to support our next initiative through Afrisol Foundation.

Overlim Innovation Center Kiserian, Kenya. Stichting Afrisol Foundation innovation center has developed and demonstrate new concepts for converting organic residues and waste (like manure and sewage sludge) with an economic value. According to Amos Nguru, CEO of Afrisol Energy Ltd. the biogas innovation center plays an important role for the exchange of information. "We are convinced that innovative technologies can be developed to create new, valuable products from organic waste streams. An example is producing saleable products and valuable bioslurry fertilizers from digested manure", We work towards keeping our region green—our slogan! 

Thogoto Home for the Aged Nairobi, Kenya Afrisol Foundation has raised a donation from Rabobank Share4More Fund to help build a biogas installation for Thogoto Home for the Aged in Nairobi. To-go-to home for the aged was started in 1967 by then South Kiambu Woman’s Guild Presbyterial Council. The home caters for 300 Elderly of between seventy and ninety years of age, who are either abandoned by relatives or don’t have families. This sponsored Biogas installation will use animal waste to help save on the current energy costs. A complete assortment of cookers, burners and biogas lamps are donated by Dutch private sponsor  

Blessed Generation Children's Center Malindi, Kenya  In this orphanage there are living about 125 children and 25 staff members. Soepenberg Fertilizer company – Netherlands and The Fishing Dutchmen put graciously donated funds to put up a 24m3 bio gas installation at the Centre. Afrisol toped up the donation to install a 32m3 installation. This installation will save on energy costs (200 euro’s a week) and also contribute to ecological sanitation by using night soil from the homes toilets as part of the feed stock.