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Keep our region green

“Converting Waste into Electricity”

KAMATONGU bio power project, KENYA 

At Kamatongu farm cow dung and pig manure is fed into a 372m3 bio digester system. Biogas generated is puried to 99% methane and used for dairy hot water heating , workers cooking and powering a 60Kwh 100% biogas generator. The electricity generated is used to power farm machinery for pumping water, preparing animal feed, cold room, water treatment , computers and lighting. The overflow from the digesters is processed and packed as organic liquid fertilizer. The system processes farm organic wast to generate biogas that powers a 60kW biogas generator. The BIO-slurry is processed into high value liquid organic fertilizers. 


Afrisol Energy had instold a BIO-latrine facility in the school to produce 15kw electricity to light up the school and power a high mask light to improve security in the neighbourhood. Afrisol has taken an opportunity through a professional counselor and professional trainers to rehabilitate and empower the youths in Mukuru area by educating them and imparting them with skills pertaining biogas implantation and there after employing them. Electricity generated will be used to light up the primary school as well as power a high mask light to shed light to the surrounding community towering over 30 households. This will go a long way in improving security in the area. 


At a school complex biogas is produced from toilet waste. A pipeline connects the biogas tank with an open kitchen where people from the neighborhood can cook safely. The gas produced is used for cooking, lighting and heating purposes. There are also opportunities for the energy into electricity. Afrisol wants to improve the hygiene and safety of Mukuru and want to help the school save on energy costs.