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Obama visiting Stichting Afrisol Foundation

Afrisol Energy Limited working closely with her reliable partner has continued to catch the attention of the world. This could not have been demonstrated better than President Barrak Obama visiting Afrisol Power Africa booth at the United Nations head quarters, shaking hands and chatting with Amos the Chief Executive officer. Afrisol  was brought to this level by a project funded by United States Africa Foundation and General Electric under Power Africa off grid program. 

President Obama took a lot of interest in the project and had two questions for Amos: “what do you have here is it a biomass reactor or moonshiner lighter and “how did you come to think of this?” 

My answer to the question was: "I grew up in rural Kenya with no priviledge of enjoying electricity. The first time I put on lights was when I joined high school and it was very exciting so I desired that other children may enjoy same privileged even at an earlier age. When the right time came I founded Afrisol to realize this dream"

We have set the ball rolling for great partnerships to provide an energy solution with great impact.