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Our partner in Kenya

Let us introduce Amos Nguru (biogas expert) and his team.

Amos Nguru is an authority in the field of renewable energy specializing in creating both commercial and social projects including for orphanages and elderly complexes. Through AFRISOL, Amos operates from the idea that one can help solve global problems with local solutions. This he does by showing farmers that there are many practical applications for the use of (organic) composting and biogas production, a form of sustainable and cheap energy and fertilizer.

According to Amos, “Waste does not exist” This drives AFRISOL to focus on poverty reduction, better health, and knowledge transfer.

In 2015, Amos realized came to the limelight through his goals of stimulating employment, self-reliance as well as offering a solution for increasing climate problems. His innovation of utilizing toilet waste to generate electricity for Mukuru Kwa Njenga Primary School caught the attention of former US President Obama during his visit to Kenya.